Recent Before & After Photos

Flooding in Morristown

The employees were shocked to see a large amount of pooling water, as shown in the Before Photo in their real estate office. SERVPRO is a Morristown neighbor an... READ MORE

Morristown Rain and Wind Storm Damage

The severely strong winds ripped the roof underlayment along with the roof roll and then soaked the material with rainwater. The Before Photo shows the storm da... READ MORE

Morristown Pack-Out Post Fire Damage

Often, when a house fire has caused significant damage, our SERVPRO crew can perform a well-executed pack-out. This white dresser and behind it a nightstand are... READ MORE

Ceiling Leak Means Big Water Damage in Morristown

The pressurized water line spewed many gallons of water from the second-story subfloor and soaked the ceiling in spots and the flooring. We removed the damaged ... READ MORE

Moldy Bathroom in Morristown

As our SERVPRO AMRT applied microbial remediation technician (a crew leader) inspected this bathroom in a Morristown home, it became more apparent the extent of... READ MORE

Water Damage and Odors in a Morristown Building

The water wet this beige carpet in the lobby/office area of this downtown Morristown office. SERVPRO was called because this company had the ERP Emergency READY... READ MORE

Leaking Roof from a Morristown Area Storm

The Before Photo dramatically illustrated stormwater effects that have penetrated a breached roof in a Morristown building. The paint blisters and soaked drywal... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damage in Morristown

The fire started in the attached garage by the laundry room because of improperly stored flammable materials, including oil. The firefighters extinguished the f... READ MORE

Morristown Water Damage Restoration

Even strong oak planks can suffer water damage by warping if the leaked liquid is not extracted from the surface and the subfloor. The equipment is completing t... READ MORE

Morristown Ceiling Leak Cleanup

The PVC plumbing leaked water onto the ceiling from above. The sagging ceiling panels have been removed by our SERVPRO team to eliminate any safety risks. The p... READ MORE